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Day 3 - France N4

Our N4 team traveled to Lyon on Sunday December 13 as part of the 3rd day of the AURA French N4 pool championship. Our players first faced the Voreppe team against which a victory was taking shape quite quickly. Victory 5-1! The second meeting of the day pitted the Jets against the Albenc team, the best attack in the championship until then. The rigor of our players and an intractable Micha in goal allowed us to return with a second victory with the final score of 4-0.

📍 Lyon

🗓️ December 13, 2021

🏒Geneva VS Voreppe: 5-1

🏒 Geneva VS Albenc: 4-0

The next day will see our team face the teams of Lyon, a formidable opponent in the fight for the first places, and the team of Marcy.

📍 Varces

🗓️ February 06, 2022

🏒 Geneva VS Marcy: 10 a.m.

🏒 Geneva VS Lyon: 1:00 p.m.

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