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1/16 final IHS Swiss Cup

The Jets faced the Z-Fighters Oberrüti-Sins III on Sunday March 13, 2022 at 2:30 p.m. in a knockout match. The match started at a high pace and after less than 3 minutes Ilya Ivanov found Kevin Luscher with a light pass and our number 87 went to beat the opposing goalkeeper with a backhand. Less than a minute later, on a defensive error behind our net, Ivan Burkart recovered the puck and brought the two teams tied. But the Jets were unfazed by this conceded goal, and our captain Laurent Fuchs found the opposing net twice. Score at halftime 3-1. Far from being satisfied, our team continued its momentum by scoring two other goals by Clément Lasserre well launched by Kevin Luscher and Benjamin Donnet who left no chance for the opposing goalkeeper. The outcome of the match seeming sealed, Benjamin Donnet scored a sixth and final goal in the last two minutes by lobbing the goalkeeper on a pass from Clément Lasserre. Final score 6-1 The adventure continues in the IHS Swiss Cup

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