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End of the Swiss Cup adventure

Our team travelled to Kaltbrunn on Saturday 19 March to play the Zürich Shamrocks in the 1/8 finals of the IHS Swiss Cup.

Against a much better team, our jets found themselves behind in the 9th minute.

Despite some spectacular saves from Micha Berdat, who kept Geneva in the game for a while, Zurich's offensive power quickly got the better of our defense.

Score at half-time: 4-0

At the end of the second half, our players, lucid but not discouraged, tried to resist the attacks of the opposing team which again found the net.

In a burst of pride, Ilya Ivanov dribbled past an opponent's defender to slip the puck between the goalkeeper's legs.

But the Zurich team was definitely too strong for our team and scored 3 more goals at the end of the game.

Final score 8-1

Obviously disappointed by this elimination, our players came out of this competition with their heads held high.

They were able to measure the gap that still separates them from the best teams of the country.

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