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1/32 final IHS Swiss Cup

The Jets faced the IHCSF Linth Masters on Saturday March 12, 2022 at 3 p.m. in a knockout match. Our team quickly took the lead in this part with achievements from Oscar Trumpler and Laurent Fuchs. But the opposing team redoubled their efforts and managed to come back through their formidable duo of young attackers Sean Liechti and Livio Jud. Upon returning from the locker room the Jets, determined, regained a two-step lead thanks to Benjamin Donnet and Kevin Luscher. The opposing team managed to score a third goal but the defensive rigor of the whole team and the repeated exploits of Micha Berdat made it possible to snatch a qualification for the 1/16 finals. Final score 4-3 The adventure continues in the IHS Swiss Cup

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